Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that can be remedied with antibiotics. In case not treated, gonorrhea can result in infertility since it may bring about a disease known as the pelvic inflammatory disease which in turn causes scar tissue. Hence, it is crucial for you sexually active females to be regularly tested for this STD. Does having gonorrhea while being pregnant bring about any kind of hazards and difficulties? Here’s what expectant women ought to know about this STD and how it could have an effect on their pregnant state.

Symptoms Of Gonorrhea

Women who are not certain if they have gonorrhea or some other STDs need to be going to get tested while being pregnant. Even though a lot of women with gonorrhea usually do not become aware of the indicators, it is essential to be familiar with the signs or symptoms. As per the National Women's Health Information Center, they are:

• Vaginal bleeding in between periods 
• Painful sexual intercourse 
• Heavy menstrual bleeding 
• Painful sensation while urinating 
• Yellow or bloody vaginal discharge

Gonorrhea Could Potentially Cause Pregnancy Difficulties 

Gonorrhea that is not treated while being pregnant has been associated with pregnancy complications. Reported by the National Women’s Health Information Center, there is certainly a higher danger of miscarriage, preterm delivery, and the water breaking prematurely. These are all severe pregnancy complications to know about.

The moment you are diagnosed with gonorrhea, you will need to take antibiotics until the ailment disappears altogether. Keep in mind that it is vital for your sexual companion to also be treated for the STD or the disease could reoccur. In the event that the gonorrhea infection has not been taken care of by the third trimester, it is best to seek advice from your personal doctor regarding a cesarean delivery. It will help protect against the infection from being passed on to the infant during delivery.

Gonorrhea Could be Passed on to the Newborn During Delivery

Also one of the prospective problems connected with gonorrhea is the bacterial infection being passed on to the child during birth. Blindness, an ailment of the important joints, and a fatal blood infection are all issues which could affect newborn infants because of a gonorrhea infection, as reported by the National Women’s Health Information Center. Remember that blindness can be avoided by curing the eyes with drug treatments right after birth.

Even though gonorrhea is an STD that can be treated, it ought to never be taken without due consideration. Whenever it is left untreated just before pregnancy, it could cause infertility. Gonorrhea can also result in critical pregnancy complications and could be transmitted to the infant during delivery. A female who is identified as having this STD must be sure to take antibiotics until the infection is removed.