The HIV medications that we have now are very powerful. They have the ability to slow down the spread of HIV around the body and minimize the risks and damage this infection can bring.

The different medicines for HIV

HIV patients of today are given antiretroviral treatment to manage their infection. This treatment solution is made up of different classes of drugs that prevent the replication of the virus inside the body. Here they are:

1. NRTIs - this stands for Nucleoside/Nucleotide Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors. These are also known as "non-nukes" since they work very much like nukes. They obstruct the enzyme, reverse the transcriptase, and stop the HIV from replicating its own DNA.

2. PIs - this stands for Protease Inhibitors. They block particular enzymes and prevent them from creating strands of HIV genetic material.

3. Entry/Fusion Inhibitors - these serve to block the HIV from going into the cells of your body. The virus will always find a way to attach to a person's CD4 cells so as to replicate, but these meds can prevent that from happening.

4. Integrase Inhibitors - these prevent the virus from contributing its own DNA into a patient's DNA found in his or her CD4 cells. 

5. Fixed-dose combinations - this group is made up of different combinations of the first four classes. This has been found to be very effective in managing the HIV infection.

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