Syphilis is a risky and dangerous disease. It is a type of sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by bacteria. Because it spreads very easily, it has become one of the most common STDs today and can bring severe harm and damage to our bodies.

The early manifestation

The earliest symptom of syphilis is a sore known as a chancre, a small, painless sore that appears on the genital areas, the rectum, and the mouth. It will last for about three weeks and disappear. But, even though it is gone, it does not mean that syphilis has also disappeared. The bacterial infection is still there and it just waits to progress to the next stage if appropriate treatment is not administered right away.


Other symptoms of syphilis

Over the next stages of syphilis, a syphilis patient will experience frequent pains in the muscles and joints, loss of hair and appetite, and swelling of the glands. The bacteria will then start attacking the vital organs including the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. It will also begin to cause damage to the eyes, creating the risk of blindness.

Test early on

Test syphilis before it is too late. There are many methods that have been introduced to detect this STD, and there sure is one at the nearest clinic in your area. Getting tested will help minimize the potential for the development of severe complications through the application of prompt treatment.

Rapid test kit

Try using a rapid syphilis test kit to be able to test for syphilis fast and accurately. This device is designed to detect the syphilis infection in as fast as 15 minutes. It can be used at home, by any regular person, without the assistance of a medical professional. It is also highly accurate, so test results are definitely reliable.