Everyone is conscious of the presence of numerous different types of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. They have most likely heard of them on the news update, read about them on papers and scientific publications, or happened upon them in their health lessons.

The dangers of Syphilis

Syphilis is known as one of these widespread STDs that we have been cautioned about. It is a problem that could survive all our lifetime. It has various unwanted side effects to the human body and it can easily lead to far more significant diseases if left undiagnosed and with no treatment. People that get affected with syphilis will not show warning signs until after some time, even after some three years. The typical warning signs of an individual in the early stage of the infection reveal no less than one sore that is pain-free, hard, and small. The sore can get well independently, and this is the underlying cause for why many people do not discover that they have syphilis in the beginning.

Severe case of Syphilis

In case the infection is still undiagnosed and untreated after the next stage, the problem will develop into more severe complications that are significantly harmful and destructive. The late stage of syphilis consists of the more vital internal organs of the body including the liver, brain, bones, nerves, and joints. Someone who is going through this syphilis stage will get numbness, dementia, paralysis, stroke, membrane inflammation, poor muscle coordination, and blindness. He or she will ultimately die from these kinds of complications if the appropriate medication and health medications are not presented to him or her right away. A man or woman affected with syphilis must go through diagnostic tests to identify the occurrence of the sickness. Normally, a doctor would examine the sores to confirm the kind of STD that the sufferer has. A blood sample will also be taken away so that the existence of syphilis antibodies can be confirmed. This test offers precise results and is safe and low-cost. On the outset, there may be a possibility of not having the ability to pick up the antibodies, but it is emphatically suggested to take a few more blood tests for affirmation and guarantee.


An individual can also obtain antibiotic treatment plan where he or she is prescribed penicillin deal with the infection. He or she must take the meds for many months to years. The ones that are allergic to penicillin will be provided either erythromycin or tetracycline.