Gonorrhea is one of those sexually-transmitted infections that usually do not trigger a lot of symptoms. It has an incubation period that may last for a number of days or weeks. In some cases, the first sign does not show up until it is about a month after initial exposure to the bacteria.

Here are the most common gonorrhea symptoms that manifest in men and women who have contracted syphilis:


- frequent urination
- pain when urinating
- itchiness around the genital region
- lower abdominal pains
- pain when having sex
- odd-colored vaginal discharge
- bleeding after sex or in between menstruation
- swelling of the glands located at the vaginal opening


- Odd-colored discharge from the penis
- pain when urinating
- more frequent urination
- bleeding and/or itchiness in the anal region
- sore throat
- rash

Once the symptoms manifest on you or your partner, get tested for gonorrhea right away to receive the proper treatment. Gonorrhea is treatable, so do not wait any longer.

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