The most beneficial HIV test is the one that gives you an exact result in a time span that matches you best. Every individual might have a varying opinion on the greatest HIV test given that their predicaments will likely be rather different. The primary considerations are first, the time of your initial exposure to HIV, and secondly, how dreadfully you need to know the answer. The exposure level is crucial since it allows us to evaluate the HIV window timeline, which is the time from HIV viral assault to diagnosis.

Some facts about HIV testing

There are significant amounts of misunderstandings about HIV testing which results mainly from the huge leaps in our comprehension of HIV in the time considering that the epidemic started and the development of the technology behind the testing apparatus. Thus the concern as to which is the top quality HIV test comes down to the separate conditions.

We now have HIV testing methods that will permit us to see HIV infection very early on effectively. This will be pertinent for all sorts of reasons, not least the truth that we know that the crucial period for transmitting HIV on to somebody else is in the first two or three months after viral attack, when the amount of virus in the affected person's blood, semen or vaginal fluids may be higher than normal. The quantity of HIV virus in a body fluid is called HIV viral load and in the preliminary stages might possibly be many thousands or millions of replicates of virus in every milliliter of blood or fluid.

Considering the fact that the infection persists and the newly infected person's body system gets a grip on the new HIV disease, the number of viri lessens and that person becomes, we think, considerably less infectious. Thus as an example, if I were to be HIV positive at the moment, then in around fourteen days or so, my viral load would be immediately expanding and starting to run into the numerous replicates. I will be truly infectious to those I had unprotected sexual relations with.

 Dealing with HIV

Testing newly infected HIV positive people early allows us very many possibilities to have an effect on the final result for the good. We understand from research that the majority of people who are mindful they are HIV positive are prepared to stop transmitting HIV on to someone else. They certainly do not desire a moment of crisis on their part to result in their loved ones growing to be HIV positive too.