Gonorrhea is among the most widespread sexually-transmitted infections in the world today. It is caused by the bacteria known as Neisseria gonorrhea. It can infect males, females, children, and adults.
Because of how dangerous gonorrhea is, it is imperative that people become familiar with it so that they can prepare and protect themselves against it.
How you can get Gonorrhea
The most common way of transmitting gonorrhea is via sexual intercourse. People who engage in unprotected anal, vaginal, or oral sex with a gonorrhea positive man or woman are going to be infected with the bacteria. Also, pregnant women who have the infection can pass it on to their babies. For these reasons, it is necessary that people are aware of what measures to apply in order to lower their risks of contracting and transmitting gonorrhea.
Why people should get tested regularly
Always use protection when having sex, especially if you or your partner have not gotten tested yet. This lessens the chances of you giving him or her an STD and vice versa. Pregnant women are advised to get a gonorrhea test so that the moment they are diagnosed positive with it, the doctors can administer treatment solutions that can save their babies from having it as well.
Use gonorrhea rapid screen test kits for fast and accurate diagnosis. These gonorrhea rapid screen test kits are designed to detect the STD with the use of the patient's urine or swab sample. It can be used at home, by yourself, even without the guidance of a medical professional.
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