At the onset of HIV infection, at least 90% of people infected with HIV will start experiencing symptoms that will tell them something is wrong with their body. If you know you are at risk of possibly having any sexually transmitted disease, this is the right time to get checked. If you are having any of these 13 symptoms, chances are, you have HIV infection.


A mild fever might mean nothing to most but it can be a symptom of HIV because you are having multiple partners or you engaged in a risky sexual behavior with a stranger two months ago. Do not disregard it and have yourself check.


Without doing anything, you are suddenly feeling tired. When your body is infected with HIV, it will slowly get into your immune system hence you start to feel weak and tired because your immune system is being compromised.

Painful muscles and joints

Having painful joints and muscles is one of the symptoms of flu but this can be a symptom of HIV infection as well. Since flu and HIV virus are affecting our immune system which happened to be connected to out lymph nodes, feeling these pain are their usual signs.

Having achy throat and headache

These are very common things and they occur most of the time for no reason, if you get too thirsty or too hungry, you can have a headache and so if you had engaged in a risky sexual behavior 8 weeks ago.

You are seeing rashes appearing on your skin

Very typical thing happen to our skin when exposed to unlike condition like extreme heat or cold – it develops rashes. This also happens when the body is exposed and infected with HIV virus so make sure to watch out for rashes if you knew you are at risk.

Diarrhea and nausea that causes vomiting

At the onset of HIV infection, short-term nausea and vomiting occur as well as diarrhea. These are very serious symptoms so do not take it for granted especially if you knew that you had some unusual sexual encounter in the past.

You are losing weight

Weight loss for no reasons is considered as a serious symptom of any disease or illness. If you are having this symptom, better get checked immediately and have a general checkup. For people with AIDS, this is called the wasting syndrome – losing weight for no reason at all.

You are having cough

 A dry cough can be caused by bad allergies and so is by a bad HIV virus. Do not take it for granted seek medical help immediately.


A dry cough and weight loss can end up as pneumonia and you might start taking medication for pneumonia. What you don’t know is, pneumonia is just another symptom of your HIV infection.

You are having Night Sweats

At the onset of HIV infection, night sweats are very common among HIV patients. If you are having night sweats when you are in a very comfortable room or not having nightmares at all, tell your doctor about it.

Your Nail changes color

Have you noticed any changes in your nails? Do they look like they are dying and are going black?

Having Yeast infection

Another symptom of HIV is a yeast infection which commonly shows up in the mouth. Candida fungus causes the infection. It is not painful but bothersome especially once you start feeling those patches in your mouth.

Being confused and cannot concentrate

HIV can cause dementia as well so if you are suddenly having issues concentrating and remembering things, you must take HIV medications instantly.