In the start when HIV was first discovered as a latest medical condition. Those people who think they are at the risk of getting the disease were scared of it. The merely way by which you can find out whether you have HIV or not is to have HIV test because the symptoms of HIV may not come into view for lots of years. I cots a lot when you get test for it. Moreover not only the cost that matter the one  who is going to get tested for this have to answer some questions like why do you assume that you are at the danger to getting it  even as inquiring them to illustrate their intimate nights and experience. As there is development in medicines and technology so HIV testing is also developing time by time. Now a day if you think that you are at risk of getting HIV the simple and easy way is testing at home.

Testing of HIV at Home

Testing of HIV by Using Home Kit:

In 2012, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  has accepted OraQuick in Home HIV Test Kit as a faithful technique of determining if somebody has HIV or not.  Some of the advantages regarding to this kit are:

  1. It is helpful in giving convenience to those people who are faraway from hospitals
  2. It permits to those people who are at the threat of contracting HIV can check their situation  on the regular basis with the help of  this In-Home HIV Test Kit.
  3. It permits rapid turnabout time for the result as it is very quick in generating the result it will take almost 20 to 40 minutes to generate the results.

Way of Using OraQuick: To use oraquick all you have to do is that the swab that comes with oraquick, you have to use it on your upper and lower gum. After you have done with swabbing you have to put it in your tube. It is similar to a pregnancy test a single line appears if the test is negative and double lines appear if the test is positive.

Note: Even though this test is extremely exact and receiving a positive outcome doesn’t mean that you are infected with HIV infection. But it will be best if you have a confirmatory test instantly if your In-Home test illustrated positive results. A doctor can guide you well and will give you all the tests that are essential for you and that you need and also prescribe the treatment. Do not use any type of medicine own your own because HIV is an extremely intellectual virus and dealing with it depends upon the existing cycle of the virus in your blood. Ever since the Oraquick, has released in the market after that further companies followed and formed their own edition of In-Home HIV testing kit

Precautions for Using HIV Testing Kit in Home:

  1. If you get positive result after performing in home testing it doesn’t mean that you certainly have infected with HIV infection .The actual meaning of it is that you only need an extra medical attention and confirmatory test. If the test shows the negative result then it means that you are infected with HIV infection. If we ponder upon the reality we come to know that, you attempted to test yourself it means that you were aware that you are perhaps exposed. 
  2. If your sex life is active with several partners or is busy in dangerous sexual activities that amplify your threat of being exposed, then you should make it a routine to test regularly basis.