Hepatitis B is known as one of the deadliest virus infections that are killing more than 780,000 people yearly. It also includes those people who are dying of cirrhosis and liver cancer amongst many other difficulties that Hepatitis B infection causes. The Hepatitis B virus directly assaults the liver with having no symptoms. It is significant that the infection is treated as soon as possible otherwise it can cause many other complications.If this disease is not treated for a long time period, then it can turn into a  life-threatening disease and can also lead towards wider infections.

Testing of Hepatitis

Transmission of Hepatitis B 

Hepatitis B can easily be transmitted from infected person to the one who exposed to them. The survival time of hepatitis B without a host is about 7 days and after it enters in the body of the person then its incubation period is about 30 to 180 days.  If we come to know that we are infected with Hepatitis B in the first few weeks then there are more chances that they can be easily treated and prevented.

 Why is it required to endure diagnosis and testing?

  1. It is helpful in preventing the infection from turning into a chronic infection.
  2. It  helps the body to fight the infection and  as result, the body will be clear from the infection and you don’t have to take too many drugs
  3. With the help of this, the bigger damages can be prevented particularly to the liver
  4. To verify untimely diagnosis
  5. To monitor children from probable Hepatitis B infection
  6. To differentiate between acute and chronic Hepatitis B infection

Prevention regarding Hepatitis B 

 The most effective way by which you can prevent yourself from getting infected with Hepatitis B infection is Anti-Hepatitis B infection vaccine.  It is recommended that the newborns should have the vaccine within 24 hours. Two or three dosages are also followed and these are: 

  1. it is recommended that a newborn should have three doses of Hepatitis B infection.  The first dose that will be given 24 hours upon birth, whereas the other doses will be given all along with further vaccines like DTP and MMR vaccine (pertussis or whooping cough, diphtheria, and tetanus).
  2. If you are 18 years old and you haven’t had your Hepatitis B infection vaccination then you still have time to take the benefit from the vaccination of Hepatitis B.

It has been researched from the researchers of World Health Organization, that the vaccine that we are using for Hepatitis B nowadays is helpful in defending a person from Hepatitis B infection for 20 years or more than that.

For whom regular Hepatitis B Testing is recommended?

 Hepatitis B testing is required for those people who have not taken or completed their vaccination of Hepatitis B.  Following are some conditions if you are suffering from these types of the situation then HBV testing is recommended.

  1. The patients who experience blood transfusion
  2. The patients who are enduring dialysis
  3. The people who are working in the prisons
  4. The people who are having active sex life and have numerous partners
  5. Travelers that are not having their Hepatitis B vaccination
  6. The people who are working in the healthcare centers.
  7. People who are working in that company where they have to  interrelate with  a large number of people resembling to contact centers
  8. It is required for the people who live with that family member who is infected with Hepatitis B infection. 
  9. People who were infected with Hepatitis B infection but they were cleared already