Anyone afflicted with HIV must go through an HIV test to find out more information about his or her illness. Different types of HIV tests can be carried out and each uses various kinds of equipment important to produce accurate and specific data.

How HIV tests use antibodies

HIV tests are done to locate HIV antibodies. The thing is that what goes on when a man or woman contracts HIV is that the body’s immune system responds by emitting antibodies that will face off with the infection. They can be identified in the bloodstream that is why nearly all tests need a patient’s blood sample.

The human body creates antibodies between 4 and 12 weeks upon getting afflicted with HIV. In this scenario, an individual need to wait for this time interval to come before going through an HIV test. It is useless to get tested if there are insufficient antibodies found in the bloodstream yet.

Some common signs and symptoms of infection

Common HIV signs and symptoms to watch out for are joint pains, lower back pains, muscle pains, high fever, diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, sore throat, dry throat, weakness, and headaches.

If not treated immediately, complications such as cancer, senility, coma, memory loss, digestion problems, diarrhea, other types of infections, swelling of the lymph nodes, and  AIDS may arise.

But be aware of HIV’s capacity to not show any symptom in its early stages. Because of this, lots of people feel complacent without knowing that the virus is slowly proliferating their organs and systems. The next thing they know is they are displaying all these serious complications, and they must do something about it without delay.

Taking an HIV test

A medical professional can help you decide about the type of HIV test to take. They are competent in this field, so you might as well check with your doctor about your trouble. They will give you your options and point you to a legitimate testing facility. So, do not hesitate to visit a doctor to correctly diagnose your condition and get treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Or, you can buy an HIV rapid screen test from STD Rapid Test Kits and test for HIV on your own. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use, so expect to get a highly accurate diagnosis!