What is HIV?
HIV is one of today's most widespread sexually-transmitted diseases. It is caused by a virus that assaults a person's immune system. Anyone who gets infected with the virus will experience a gradual decline of the proper functioning of the different aspects of their immune system.
Who can get HIV?

Anyone, actually. Most especially those that are very careless every time they have sex with people. Those that do not use protection when having sex are more likely to contract the virus. Pregnant women who fail to get HIV tested and treatment are putting their babies at risk of getting the virus as well.

How does a person know if he or she has been infected with HIV?

The best way to know if you have been infected with HIV is to get an HIV test! But, oftentimes, a lot of people fail to get HIV tested, and they end up not knowing that they have the virus until it is already too late. So, educate yourself by being familiar with what the common HIV signs and symptoms are.

Where can people go to get an HIV test?

You should head to a health center or a medical facility to get an HIV test supervised by a medical worker. Or, you can also conduct the test on your own by using a rapid HIV screen test kit.