These days technology enables HIV testing to be performed with the use of a test procedure referred to as HIV rapid testing. This testing option enables someone to test themselves for HIV within a few minutes, sans medical supervision. Then again, with this availability and advantages, which both assist improve testing circumstances comes many problems.

CD4 and HIV

For starters, why don't we all take a quick glance at HIV? We comprehend that HIV can cover up for a long period of time in the cellular materials of your own body and that it strikes your T-cells or CD4 cells, which are both an important section of your immune system. The body must have these cells to battle infections and health problem, but HIV invades them, makes use of them to recreate itself, and then attacks them.

In the long run, HIV can damage plenty of your CD4 cells that your body can not attack infections and diseases any longer. If that arises, HIV infection may lead to AIDS.

Testing using home test kits

Getting an HIV home test online and testing yourself in your house has numerous positive aspects, but evidently, you will not avail of any kind of guidance. In case you are concerned about this, self-testing is not for you. You must test with the help of a doctor who can provide you with some guidance and recommendations as you test.

Tests at the clinic

Regardless of what takes place, in case of a positive result, you have got to talk to a medical expert who will then introduce you to a specialist who will provide help with your medical care and valuable support. The typical HIV tests carried out at these facilities are the Enzyme ImmunoAssay tests (which makes use of blood, oral fluids, or urine to discover HIV antibodies. Results for these lab tests might take up to a fortnight or so) and the rapid HIV antibody tests (which likewise use blood, oral fluids, or urine to uncover HIV antibodies. Results for these testing might take at least ten minutes).

Or else, you can continue with self- testing for HIV with the use of rapid test kits given it has been looked at as an ideal and lawful alternative to testing in a health care center. You are free to decide on whom you get your test kits and when and how you want to be tested.