The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, belongs to the most-feared diseases in the world list. It has generated a lot of publicity for so many decades now because of how much damage it can inflict on a person. It is very common in the under-developed countries, but it has already found its way to the more developed ones.

Reports show that millions of people around the world have been tested positive with HIV. This goes to show that the virus does not choose its victims. Regardless of age, weight, height, skin color, educational background, or income, everybody is at risk of getting the disease if appropriate actions and measures are not observed.

Methods used to test HIV

There are several ways to test for HIV. Over the years, medical professionals have come up with more methods to make testing for the disease easier and more convenient for as many people as they can. Not everybody has the money to get tested the traditional way, so they have introduced many new procedures to test for HIV.

Antibody tests are the most widely used among all. They are taken after the incubation period of the virus, which is between three and four months, passes.

ELISA, or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay, is a method used to detect the presence of HIV antibodies in the human system. It requires a sample of urine, blood, or any oral fluid from the patient. It makes use of a number of state-of-the-art laboratory tools and equipment to ensure the accuracy of the diagnosis and findings. Results are available after at least two weeks. However, not everybody can afford to get an ELISA because it is very expensive.

The Rapid tests are suitable for those that have a limited budget. They are cheaper than ELISA, and the test results can be yours in just twenty minutes. Some of the most common rapid HIV tests are the Multispot HIV-1/2, Reveal G2 HIV-1 Antibody Test, and Uni-Gold.

There are also home testing kits that you can purchase online or from medical stores and facilities. They are for those that want to do the exam in the privacy of their own homes. They are also affordable and can provide you with results at a short period of time. They have been approved by the FDA so there is no need to doubt their efficiency and precision.

Why you should test for HIV

Undiagnosed HIV will lead to several complications that are difficult to treat or has no cure at all, like AIDS. It is for everybody’s best interest to be aware of the adverse effects of this infection so that the proper precaution will be observed. It is so easy to transmit the virus from one person to another that is why it has found its home in different people in different areas of the globe. HIV awareness should be constantly practiced so that the word about how fatal it is will reach anybody and will be able to stay away from it.