According to the health authorities in Tayside, the region is experiencing an ongoing outbreak of the syphilis infection.

The two outbreaks

A report prepared and published recently by Health Protection Scotland warns the public about two outbreaks of syphilis in Scotland --- one is in Lanarkshire and the other one in Tayside. As of the moment, 21 new cases of syphilis have been documented in Tayside, where a significant number is made up of young heterosexual individuals, who are aged under 25 years old.

Young people at risk

The report also reveals that these young people may have contracted the syphilis bacteria after socializing in saunas, clubs, and bars. With the popularity of phone apps for dating, meetups, and casual hookups, which are very well-received by the young generation, more and more people become at risk of STDs, such as syphilis.

Syphilis is a serious sexually-transmitted infection that can infect males, females, adults, and young people. It is spread through unprotected sex and can easily be cured if diagnosed and treated at the earliest opportunity.

Today, there are several millions of people around the world that get infected with syphilis every year, so it is important to become aware and informed about this STD to be able to effectively protect ourselves against it.

Test for syphilis regularly so that the infection can be detected before it causes serious harm and damage.