A person who is in the early stage of syphilis will manifest a small, painless sore in his or her genital region or somewhere else where the syphilis bacterium entered. This symptom may last for at least a couple of months and then just go away even without treatment.

The second stage of Syphilis

The second stage of syphilis includes more symptoms such as reddish and pinkish rashes in different parts of the body, as well as fever, exhaustion, headache, weight loss, and inflamed lymph nodes.

The latent Stage of Syphilis

The latent stage of syphilis is usually the time when no symptoms are occurring anymore. At this point, testing and treatment are encouraged. 

If a person fails to get a syphilis test and treatment, the bacterium will spread to other parts of the body and affect the important bodily organs, including the heart, bones, joints, and brain.

Usually, a patient who is in the latent stage of syphilis becomes in danger for suffering from numbness, paralysis, and dementia. So, upon seeing the signs and symptoms of syphilis, you should go get a syphilis test right away. 

There are different ways to test for syphilis, but the most convenient among them all is through the use of a rapid syphilis test kit. If you receive a positive test result, talk to a doctor to know the best syphilis treatment solution for your condition.