What is Syphilis

There are different types of sexually-transmitted disease prevalent these days, and one of them is syphilis. Caused by bacteria, syphilis is one of today's most common STDs. It can strike anyone --- males, females, children, teens, and adults. It is very easily spread --- through unprotected anal, oral, or vaginal sex. So, better be careful when engaging in any sexual activity.

Primary stage symptoms

The moment you get infected with syphilis, you enter the primary stage. Here are the common symptoms of the primary stage of syphilis:

- a small, hard, painless sore that appears on the part of the body where the syphilis bacteria entered. It may be found on the anus, lips, penis, or vagina. It is called a chancre.

- swollen lymph nodes

The second stage symptoms

The next stage of syphilis is known as secondary syphilis, and it has different symptoms as well. It occurs once the chancre is gone.

- sore throat

- swollen lymph nodes

- rashes on the palms and soles

- exhaustion

- headaches

Test for syphilis as soon as these symptoms pop up. Use a rapid syphilis test kit to get fast and accurate test results.