Who can get syphilis sores?

Anyone who contracts the syphilis infection can get syphilis sores. These things are the first symptoms of syphilis, so better watch out for them if you are worried that you may have been infected with syphilis.

Where do syphilis sores appear?

Syphilis sores appear on the parts of the body where the syphilis bacterium entered. So, if you engaged in unprotected sex with a syphilis-infected person, the sores may appear in your genitals, mouth, anus, or some other body part.

How long do syphilis sores persist?

Usually, syphilis sores disappear, even without treatment, after about three weeks. However, in some cases, they can last for as long as three months.

How are syphilis sores treated?

Syphilis sores can go away without treatment, but the syphilis infection can be treated with the use of antibiotics. You have to consult a doctor to know what the best antibiotic treatment to use to effectively cure your syphilis infection.

How can I protect myself against syphilis sores?

The best way to avoid getting syphilis sores is to abstain. Also, if you are sexually active, make sure to always use protection to avoid transmission of bacteria very easily.