A report recently released in Wales revealed that dating apps could be the cause of the increase in the number of syphilis cases in the region.

According to Public Health Wales, 39 new syphilis cases have been reported in North Wales starting mid-2013, which is more than 5 times the annual average of 7 per year. While in South Wales, 55 new syphilis cases have been documented so far this 2014.

Are dating apps to blame?

A spokesperson for the organization said they believe the spread of syphilis infection has become faster these days with the emergence of various dating apps and websites, which a lot of people use to meet others who are up for casual sex. He added that they have conducted a number of studies and have gotten some evidence to back that.

Syphilis is a prevalent sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by bacteria. It is transmitted through sexual intercourse, whether anal, vaginal, or oral. It can strike males, females, children, adults, gay men, and lesbians, regardless of race, age, and so on.

It can trigger a number of symptoms that have to be used as a warning signal that it is time to get tested and treated for the STD.

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