The Clark County health district recently warned everybody that the number of syphilis cases in the area has increased two-fold.

As of this writing, 17 reports of syphilis have been documented, and that number is 10 more than last year at this point.

According to Clark County's infectious disease supervisor, the jump is definitely a significant one, and they are working on gathering more information about this.

Back in 2009 to 2012, only 20 syphilis cases were reported to the Ohio Department of Health. However, these days, the infection has definitely found its way to more victims.

How Syphilis gets spread

Syphilis is a common sexually-transmitted disease that is caused by a bacterium. It is frequently transmitted from one person to another through unprotected anal, oral, or vaginal sex. Its first symptom is a small, painless sore, known as a chancre, which can spread the disease to another person who comes into contact with it.

Why people should get tested frequently

People are urged to get tested for syphilis, especially if they are sexually active. They can use a rapid syphilis test kit to be able to do the test on their own, at home, with the utmost privacy. With the use of a rapid syphilis test kit, they can get a highly accurate and reliable test result within the next 15 to 20 minutes.

If you test positive for syphilis, you have to go talk to a doctor right away to find the best treatment for this infection. Usually, medical providers prescribe penicillin to syphilis patients to get rid of this STD.

Delayed testing and treatment of syphilis can bring about various serious complications, so be proactive and responsible and get tested and treated for syphilis at the earliest chance.