You are at risk of contracting syphilis if you fail to observe the necessary precautions to keep this infection at bay.

Ways of spreading Syphilis

Caused by bacteria, syphilis is a very prevalent sexually-transmitted disease that can be transmitted and spread from one person to another through:

  • - unprotected anal, oral, and vaginal sex
  • - from an infected mother to her infant

Preventive measures

To be able to protect yourself against this disease, here are some preventative measures that you should practice:

  • - Abstinence: Not engaging in any sexual activity will surely not put you at risk for syphilis. This means that you should literally not have anal, oral, or vaginal sex.
  • - Use protection always: Learn how to properly and correctly use condoms so that you can protect yourself from the transmission of this bacteria. Use latex condoms or polyurethane condoms to minimize the risk of passing the infection on from one person to another.
  • - Be in a mutually exclusive or monogamous relationship: It is easier to keep track of your sexual health if you and your partner are honest, loyal, and faithful to each other when it comes to sex. Having many sex partners only increases your risk of being infected with syphilis and other STDs.
  • - Get a syphilis test. You can use a rapid syphilis test kit to be able to detect the infection fast, conveniently, and accurately. A rapid syphilis test kit can return a highly accurate test results in about 15 to 20 minutes.