Syphilis Is Back Again

Syphilis was written in 1493 for the first time in history when a German researcher wrote about stand how it had become an epidemic. Ulrich von Hutten, the German scientist who wrote about, describes the disease which infects many people at this time. Within a few months time, people were dying because of syphilis. Genital warts usually as a small bump or groups of bumps in the genital area can occur. You can small or large, raised or flat, or cauliflower. A doctor can diagnose genital warts observation of the area. Fortunately, with the upgrade of new technology and medicine, also syphilis is most feared and is now treatable. Despite the fact it is curable, the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of disease, the alarmed by the rising rate of syphilis cases in the US are still. Since 2014, the number of people diagnosed with syphilis has stopped growing steadily.

What makes all Centers for Disease Control as well as Prevention to see?

Recognizing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 10,000 people syphilis and 6.5 per 10,000 births, at least 27.5 of these babies have congenital syphilis occur. Congenital syphilis is transmitted to their children the kind of syphilis from a mother to the infection of syphilis. This is alarming for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, syphilis because once a disease has been eradicated in the United States. With the introduction of penicillin contemplated syphilis has become a story of the country, until recently.

Syphilis in the United States

So far, among the countries where the rate of syphilis is increasing, they are in New Orleans, New York, and Oregon. Now state governments agree on syphilis test without its inhabitants, to ensure that each accounted for themselves. According to researchers why the possible reason for the increase is syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease is now due to the growing popularity of online dating sites and applications. Applications such as scale and Grinders seem to influence the people in the wrong direction; - participation in sexual activities with strangers is okay as long as you comply with these applications. Of course, these are just speculation which was introduced back to researchers and the online dating way it was raised ten years ago has begun and syphilis cases just two years ago.

Syphilis and Americans

According to investigators, the risk of syphilis is the fact that most Americans are not afraid of syphilis is because they have not seen the difference HIV or gonorrhea. Healing the fact that there are treatments available to syphilis and public confidence is to add that do not need to worry about syphilis.

Syphilis world

How do people in other countries are looking for syphilis? Syphilis is currently a British different disease, therefore, qualify as French disease considered. The French on the other side bent syphilis as the Italian disease, while for the Italians, a disease of Turkey. Almost all countries refer to syphilis as a disease another country except Spain, which calls it the Spanish disease. After the history of Spain, it seems that syphilis was brought by Columbus home after the world goes on his boat.