A study on the state of health with regards to syphilis

A New Zealand report has revealed that the number of gay and bisexual men suffering from syphilis in the country has risen to an alarming rate.

A study that included 140 people positive with syphilis revealed that 81% of them were males who had sexual relations with other men. Out of this 81%, 19% were also diagnosed with HIV and 16% with Chlamydia.

The findings from this research have verified observations that syphilis and HIV are somewhat linked to one another. It does not matter whether a person does anal, vaginal, or oral sex because these three ways can still transmit the infection to other people.

Educating people to protect themselves

With these results, health workers in New Zealand are looking for ways to urge more people to use protection when having sex. Using condoms can lessen the risk of contracting the infections, so it helps to have this kind of contraception around when engaging in sexual activities.

People are advised to watch out for common syphilis symptoms such as skin ulcers that are not painful. These sores are a sign that a person is in the early stage of syphilis. This means that he or she has to go get tested right at that moment so as to be accurately diagnosed and provided treatment.

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