Even children as young as newborn infants can get infected. This disease is known as congenital syphilis.

Congenital syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that occurs when a kid is delivered from a mom with syphilis. Uncured syphilis is seen as a higher hazard, a terrible result or consequence of being pregnant and not having tested and cured for syphilis.

Syphilis can result in miscarriages, stillbirths, premature births, or passing away of the infants. Several newborns with congenital syphilis exhibit warning signs at birth, but the vast majority grow signs later on. Uncured newborns can have deformity, holdup in growth, seizures, rashes, inflamed liver and spleen, fever, jaundice, anemia, and sores, which are contagious.

The warning sign of syphilis goes unrecognized in children most of the time, so they end up manifesting the warning signs of late-stage syphilis, including injury to their bones, eyes, brain, ears, and teeth. In accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, forty percent of births from women with syphilis are stillborn, between forty and seventy percent of the survivors are going to obtain the infection, and twelve percent of these will later on pass away.

Signs of kids with syphilis consist of atypical X-ray, the Hutchinson's triad (a number of signs made up of Hutchinson's teeth --- central, widely-spaced, peg-shaped upper central incisors), deafness, and interstitial keratitis, or an irritation of the cornea that may result in corneal blemish and perhaps blindness. One other would be Mulberry molars where sixth-year-old molars with under-developed maxillae; manifold, poorly-developed cusps; bloated liver and spleen, petechiae, skin rashes, anemia, sabre shins, lymph node inflammation, jaundice, and pseudoparalysis.

Also take into account the rhinitis that when chronic can result in linear scars on the mouth and nose due to bacterial contagion of skin wounds; saddle nose defect; and inflammation of the sternal end of clavicle, which happens in later innate syphilis. Death from inborn syphilis is normally caused by pulmonary hemorrhage.

The infant is at optimum jeopardy of acquiring syphilis any time the mother is in the premature stages of infection. But the disease can be passed on at no matter what point in the course of pregnancy, even during the birth of a child.

Bear in mind, a lady in the secondary period of syphilis lowers her child's danger of emergent congenital syphilis by ninety-eight percent if she gets treatment before the end month of pregnancy days. A sick baby can be healed by antibiotics, the same with a grownup, but, any developmental warning signs are supposed to be long lasting.

To steer clear of transferring the infection to your kid, ensure that you get routine check-ups at STD treatment centers most especially when you are sexually active. This will make sure that your kid will not go through the possible difficulties of this STD.