Syphilis is one of the most widely spread STDs today. It is a sexually-transmitted disease that has earned the name “The Great Imitator” because of its ability to copy the symptoms of other diseases.

How is syphilis transmitted?

The main method of transmission of syphilis is through sexual intercourse. A person who has sex with a syphilis-infected person is going to contract the bacterium that causes syphilis. That is why it is important to always use protection when having sex, especially if you are doing it with somebody for the first time or if you are doing it with multiple sex partners.

What are the four stages of syphilis?

There are four stages of syphilis. They are the primary syphilis stage, secondary syphilis stage, latent syphilis stage, and tertiary syphilis or late syphilis stage. It is important to get a syphilis test while a person is still in the primary syphilis stage so that the appropriate treatment for syphilis can be administered right away. Otherwise, the infection will progress to the later stages of syphilis and cause more serious complications and damage.

A person who fails to get a syphilis test will not know whether they need syphilis treatment which puts them at risk of acquiring severe complications such as cerebral syphilis. The symptoms of which include convulsions, vomiting, facial paralysis, aphasia, dizziness, and hemiplegia.

Where to get a syphilis test?

People who suspect that they may have contracted syphilis are advised to consult their doctors as soon as possible. Their doctors can perform a syphilis test on them or refer them to another doctor or a medical facility where syphilis tests are conducted.

Testing for syphilis should be done early on while there is still very few damage and complications. That way, the medication can easily get rid of the bacteria. People who wait for some time before getting tested for syphilis are at high risk of acquiring more infections and other diseases.

How is syphilis treated?

The best way to treat syphilis is by taking antibiotics. People who have been tested positive for syphilis are prescribed with different kinds of antibiotics, depending on their medical conditions. For example, there may be syphilis patients who are allergic to penicillin so they are prescribed with another kind of antibiotic that does not trigger an allergic reaction.

Syphilis can be treated so people should stay vigilant and alert when it comes to dealing with this infection. Get a syphilis test as soon as you can so that you can avail of the right syphilis treatment and get better in no time!