Syphilis is an extremely contagious disease that is a member of the sexually-transmitted diseases list. When an individual becomes infected with the treponema palladium bacterium which causes it, this individual is not going to show any signs or symptoms at first. This makes it difficult for syphilis patients to get tested and treated.
A good way to save one's self from acquiring syphilis is simply by using protection when having intercourse. This can help a good deal from stopping the harmful bacteria from getting into the body. Additionally, if you happen to be sexually active, get STD tested on a regular basis to have a clue how your whole body is doing. 

The Signs of Syphilis
There are many stages of syphilis. In the primary stage, the sufferer is going to develop a sore in his or her mouth area or perhaps genitals. It is going to remain there for approximately a week after which it vanishes. However, this does not necessarily mean the infection has been healed. The bacteria still are present inside the body of the affected person; therefore it is not advised to have intercourse with other people. Or else, this individual is going to only end up transmitting on syphilis to other people.
The subsequent stages of syphilis include numerous types of symptoms. Syphilis affected person is going to experience mild to severe headaches and muscle aches.They could have a fever and suffer the pain of appetite loss. In the event that these signs or symptoms are overlooked without any treatment being performed, they are going to progress to more severe complications. They are going to develop into complications that could have an effect on the kidneys as well as other internal organs.

Syphilis Test
There are numerous methods to get syphilis tested. Probably the most common method is to pay a visit to an STD center and get tested there. These types of medical facilities are loaded with the adequate laboratory tools to detect syphilis correctly. As a substitute, you can purchase some of those home test kits from pharmaceutical stores or online stores. These items enable you to do the examination on your own, in the ease and comfort of your very own home. They can give results which are reliable.

Syphilis Treatment Methods
An individual that has been identified as having syphilis is given anti-biotic for medication. These prescription drugs fight off the bacterial infection. Medical professionals usually make use of penicillin for this specific purpose. They will inject it to the affected individual so it can take effect right away. Yet, for individuals that happen to be allergic to penicillin, there are alternatives, like erythromycin, tetracycline, or doxycycline. 

Human beings really should try to stay alert on the subject of diseases like syphilis. It is sadly known for its capability to completely damage a person’s body, therefore it is essential that the correct information and consciousness are being spread. To find out more about syphilis, head over to the nearest STD health care clinic or hospital where you live.