Modern life offering abundant freedom and plenty choices, especially as it relates to our sex life, is becoming scarier by the day. This is even more worrisome as it concerns exposure to reckless sexual behaviors among teenagers and adults. Be that as it may, sex-related diseases are not death sentences – if detected very early, as it is with various other diseases. Syphilis is not the end of the world for the carrier; if detected early, it can be cured completely. 


Syphilis is curable!

Syphilis is curable by simple and common means such as intramuscular injection of penicillin and antibiotics. This method is usually effective for a person whose infection term hasn’t spanned more than a year. At such a time, the patient would be between the first and second stages of the disease.

What is Syphilis?

Syphilis is a terrible STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) that is caused by a bacteria called Treponema Pallidum Bacterium. Like all STD’s, this bacteria lives in the bloodstream and can survive undetected because its symptoms are similar to other diseases.

In other words, the fellow, male or female, needs to be properly examined to establish the fact that they truly carry the bacteria. This can either be done at a medical facility or at home using personal test kits.

How can Syphilis be Contracted?

This disease travels from person to person while engaging in unprotected sexual relationships of any sort, either through vaginal, anal or oral sex. A person who has contracted syphilis is called a ‘chancre’ at the early stage, this is used primarily in medical circles. After this early stage, it takes about 21 days for a patient to be a full carrier of the bacteria, at which point it’s most likely that the partner(s) of such a patient will also contract syphilis if the patient continues to have unprotected sex with them.

Syphilis has four main growth cycles namely Primary, Secondary, Latent and Tertiary (Late) stage or Neurosyphilis. It can bring death or permanent disability if left untreated.

The First Stage

The First stage is also referred to as the primary stage, majorly characterized by sores appearing around the parts of the body that is infected by the bacteria; mainly around the mouth, vagina, anus, etc. The sores are actually painless and can heal between 3 to 6 weeks. At this stage, however, the carrier can still spread the bacteria that causes syphilis. It’s best to treat it when it’s still in this first stage. To do that, prescription antibiotics will come in handy.

The Second Stage

At this stage, syphilis exhibits the symptoms of other sicknesses such as: 

  • rough red or reddish-brown rash on the palms of hands and soles of feet,
  • swollen lymph nodes,
  • fever, 
  • sore throat,
  • patchy hair loss,
  • head and body aches,
  • extreme tiredness, etc. 

Many carriers would probably get treated based on the assumptions that they are sick with the aforementioned illnesses, whereas the underlying factor – syphilis bacteria – remains concealed.

The Third Stage

The latent stage is the third stage of an untreated syphilis case. This stage is obviously the second most dangerous as it is characterized by no symptoms of syphilis. At this stage, the carrier is not contagious but the mind-boggling thing is that it can last for years. Added to that, the brain, the heart, nerve, bones, and several other parts of the body may become affected too. In some patients, this stage is looped, they just move to the tertiary stage.

The Last Stage

The last stage of syphilis is also known as the terminal stage of the disease or Neurosyphilis. At this point, all medications may prove abortive because many of the internal organs have already been affected and succumbed to the infections.

Symptoms of the last stage include:

  • inability to control muscles,
  • numbness of body part,
  • bad eyesight,
  • dementia, etc.

At this stage, medication will not be able to reverse the damage done by the bacteria. Medication will only be able to help manage the condition by reducing the pain suffered but not curing the disease totally. Curing Syphilis As with any disease, early detection is germane.

The first stage remains the best and appropriate time to treat syphilis. Intramuscular injection of penicillin and other antibiotics will cure syphilis. This is however only effective when it hasn't crossed the first and second stages of metastasizing. In other words, there is an 80% chance of cure when the disease is still in these phases.

On the other hand, medication at the third and fourth stages would be a long shot, possibly treat, but not guaranteed to cure permanently. A patient must religiously adhere to the prescriptions to avoid a recurrence. To stay safe, the patient must practice safe sex either by abstaining for a while or using protection, like condoms. Also, he/she should advise all recent partners to get tested for syphilis too.

Orthodox medicine has proven to cure early detected syphilis and its application can as quickly as 21 days or many months. Advanced syphilis such as the one in the fourth stage can be present in the body for a lifetime.

Once again, early detection is the best hope of finding a cure without much pain for the sufferer.