An international group of researchers has revealed that their studies and research have resulted to the conclusion that circumcision reduces the chances of contracting different sexually-transmitted infections, such as syphilis.

The Study

The study focused on a sample that was made up of 5,000 heterosexuals from Kenya and Uganda. In the end, the results verified the belief of some people that circumcision, or the removal of the foreskin, could lead to a significant drop in the vulnerability to the syphilis infection. The data indicated a 42% dip among males, while their sex partners also experienced lowered syphilis risk by 59%.

With that said, it is still up to an individual whether he wants to get circumcised or not. Not every country or culture on earth accepts this practice, and some actually consider mutilation.

The rate of Syphilis infection

Over the years, more and more people get infected with syphilis. It is a sexually-transmitted disease caused by bacteria that is transmitted through sexual intercourse, whether anal, vaginal or oral, without the use of protection.

Men and women, adults and children are in danger of contracting this STD if they fail to observe the appropriate precautionary measures to prevent this infection.

Health experts suggest regular syphilis testing with the use of rapid syphilis test kits to everyone who is sexually active. That way, the STD can be detected early on and avoid all the most harmful and severe complications it can bring.

Rapid syphilis test kits are very easy to use and it allows people to test for syphilis at home and get highly accurate test results in as fast as 15 minutes.