Q: What STDs are common these days?

A: There are different types of sexually-transmitted diseases, or STDs, nowadays, and the most widespread ones, the ones that you hear or read about almost every day are HIV, Chlamydia, syphilis, AIDS, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis, and herpes.

Q: Does using condoms really protect against STDs?

A: The correct use of condoms can really minimize the risks of contracting STDs. So, learn how to wear it properly and make sure to use the unexpired and undamaged ones.

Q: Why are pregnant women required to undergo an STD test?

Pregnant women are required to get an STD test so that if they have an STD, there is a way to detect it early on before it infects the fetus. Certain STDs can be cured during the pregnancy period and keep the baby STD-free.

Q: Can virgins get STDs?

Yes, there are STDs that can be transmitted through other ways, and not just through sex. Exposure to infected blood, using infected needles to inject drugs into the body, receiving infected blood or organ through transfusion or transplant, and so on are other ways for a virgin to contract an STD.