STDs are spreading fast

STDs are very prevalent nowadays, and one of the high-risk groups is the bisexual/homosexual men demographic. If you want to learn more about it, read further.

Transmission of STD often occurs during unprotected sex. Men who have sex with other men can contract STDs if they engage in unprotected oral or anal sex.

Prevention tips for Homosexual/Bisexual men

Because of the risks and dangers, here are some tips on how to protect yourselves if you are a bisexual/homosexual man:

- Be aware. It is important for everyone, and not only gay men, to have the right information on STDs --- the causes, modes of transmission, symptoms, testing, treatment, complications, and so on.

- Understanding the links between the different STDs. Sometimes, having one STD puts you at greater risk of contracting other STDs. For example, syphilis patients are actually five times more likely to contract HIV if they engage in unprotected sex with an HIV-infected individual. This is also the case for gonorrhea patients. So, always be careful and cautious.

- Knowing the value of prompt and routine STD testing. Sexually active bisexual/homosexual men should get tested for STDs every six months, or every time they have a new sex partner.

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