A male patient is encouraged to take an STD test once the early symptoms of an STD start to show. Lesions, sores, rashes, and itchiness in the genital area, anus, testicles, and thighs should not be ignored. These are signs that he should take seriously and should do something about as soon as possible.

Methods of testing for STDs in men

  1. Urine tests are common for the first-timers, especially those that are potential gonorrhea and Chlamydia victims. Swabs are also done to detect syphilis and the two previously mentioned STDs.
  2. Blood tests are suitable to diagnose hepatitis, genital herpes, syphilis, AIDS, and HIV.
  3. For genital warts and Human Papillomavirus, a biopsy is recommended so that the affected skin area is removed and examined.

STD test results will usually be available in at least three days to several weeks if he undergoes testing in a hospital or medical facility.

But, if he uses a rapid STD test kit, he can get his test result back in as fast as 15 minutes. Not only that, this device allows him or any other person to conduct the testing on his own without the guidance of a medical professional or health worker. It is available online, so purchasing it is not very difficult.

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