Pregnant women are not safe from sexually-transmitted diseases. They can contract it by having unprotected sex. They may get infected with it even before they got pregnant or during the pregnancy. Since having STDs during pregnancy can put the baby at risk, it is recommended that pregnant moms undergo STD testing.


Here  are some STD tests that pregnant women have to undergo during their pregnancy:

HIV test 

This is usually conducted two times: the first time during the first prenatal checkup and the second time in the third trimester. Those who fail to get tested while pregnant should undergo rapid HIV testing during child delivery so as to minimize the dangers to the baby.

Chlamydia test

Pregnant women who are under 25 years old are very prone to Chlamydia, so they are advised to get tested for Chlamydia twice: the first time during the first prenatal visit and the second time during the final trimester.

Syphilis test

It is advised to get tested for syphilis during the first prenatal visit, final trimester, and during delivery.