By far the most dangerous of all STDs have to be Syphilis; this is due to the fact that the person carrying this STD infection, may have left it too long to seek medical treatment and the outcome can be loss of life, or they are not always aware that they do in fact have a sexual infection and they pass it on unknowingly. And this is why I always continually recommend that safe sex is used with all new sexual partners, along with regular sexual health checks as it can be caught from having both unprotected anal and oral sex as well as regular sex.


The STD syphilis at its worst can lead to death if left untreated, it is normally caught by sexual contact but in its heightened cases kissing and close body contact is able to spread the bacterium onto another person. It primarily presents itself as sores and often goes undetected for long periods of time. The correct medical diagnosis for syphilis is Treponema Pallidum. 

Transmission of the bacterium

Its bacterium cannot be caught by the following methods:

  • Touching items which someone with the infection have touched previously.
  • Swimming, bathing and using a hot tub.
  • Sharing toileting facilities.
  • Using shared eating and cooking items.
  • Picking up and touching everyday items during the course of a day.

In fact, the only way in which you can pass on syphilis to another person is by having any form of unprotected sexual relations with them. It is also wise to note that having protected sex by using a condom with someone who has this infection is not advised as you will still not be fully protected against catching the infection. 


It is treatable if caught in time, but can lead to causing problems with your brain and also the heart.

It is most commonly treated with a course of antibiotics, for those caught in the early stages this is a single dose of antibiotics, and those in the later stages have three separate doses. Those cases which are severely advanced will have the antibiotic as an injection. There are alternative medications that can be used if you have allergic reactions to an antibiotic. Plus, you will be advised not to participate in any kind of sexual relations until you are completely free of the sores that it produces. 

If a female finds that she has syphilis at the same time that she is pregnant it is liable to cause extra problems throughout the pregnancy. In some cases, the baby can be a stillbirth or die soon after it is born. Those that do manage to survive are advised to have tests to assess whether they have the infection and given the correct treatment. If they are lucky enough not to have the infection they can still suffer from it later on by having an unsuspected seizure or convulsion that can then lead to premature death.

There is one piece of advice that I would like people reading this article to remember and that is to always practice safe sex and get regular check-ups.