Sexually transmitted diseases are among the most prevalent illnesses today. It can infect anyone regardless of age, gender, and so on. It is quite common in certain parts of the world, probably because of lack of awareness and information.

Factors that increase your risk of infection

There are certain types of people that are more likely to contract STDs, in comparison to the average guy. The following are some risk factors that can increase your chances of getting infected with STDs:

- Having sex with someone who has an STD
- Having more than one sex partner
- Use of injections or syringes when taking drugs
- Having been infected with STDs before
- Having sex with someone who has multiple sex partners

Ways in which you can get an STD

Sexual contact is the primary method of STD transmission, whether anal, oral, or vaginal. Contact with contaminated blood is also another way to expose yourself to STDs. A pregnant woman who has an STD can also risk passing the infection on to her baby if treatment is not timely administered.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are two examples of STDs that can be transmitted from a pregnant mother to her baby. The complications can range from resulting to eye infection on the infant to having pneumonia. Therefore, STD testing must be done early on to be able to get the appropriate treatment to protect the baby.

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