If history truly serves in guiding our way forward, then we can be sure that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) would continue to spread across borders and continents, at least until a permanent cure or vaccine is discovered. This is no doomsday or conspiracy theory; the facts echo loud and resoundingly.

Humans are, by default, mobile animals with a desire to explore uncharted territories and soak in the breathtaking beauty of the world. Long before the Stone Age, our ancestors have crossed mountains, rivers, and vast lands to establish new homes and thrive in many facets of life. Interestingly, the more they traveled and explored, the more diseases spread across borders.

STD is not new but can be combated if detected early

Archaeological digs in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and elsewhere, prove that sexual intercourse between natives and foreigners is one major reason many diseases have spread so much, covering the globe and killing folks in their millions. Small Pox, Guinea Worm, Ebola, Zika Virus, and various sexually transmitted diseases are recent examples of how diseases can spread and decimate whole communities.

Inevitable sexual intercourse between Neanderthals and our own fore-bearers have resulted in who or what we are today. Some would call it crossbreeding, others, evolution by natural selection; whatever you term it, we cannot but all agree that every race in the world today is a result of sexual relations between locals and settlers. The phrase, ‘pure breed,’ may be a fantasy after all. Just like scientists crossbreed lions and tigers to create ‘Ligers,’ present day humans have also emerged by one form of crossbreeding or the other.

What are the implications of all these for us still alive at this moment, for our children, and their children yet unborn? The knowledge that sexual relations between people from different tribes and nationalities is inevitable should get us all concerned. Concerned because gonorrhea affects millions of people all over the world, concerned that chlamydia is reducing productivity in young people worldwide, concerned that treatable diseases like syphilis and herpes, among others, are decimating generations of hitherto important workforce – especially in their most productive years. This is most scary.

Inasmuch as these diseases are treatable, detecting them on time remains the key to attacking the menace frontally. Sadly, this is where advocacy, policies, and regulations from governments all over fall short. Research shows that most people only go for treatment when they observe certain unfavorable changes in their genitalia. At this point, sadly, it is already too late; the damage has been done and treatment thereon would be to limit the consequences which would take quite a while to correct. Studies prove conclusively that there is a much greater chance of not having full blow syphilis or herpes, and the others, if these diseases are detected on time. In other words, if we cannot stop people from engaging in sexual activities, we can at least give them the tools to protect themselves from suffering from these terrible diseases. No other tool helps better than STD Rapid Test Kits; that one-stop-shop for early detection of various STDs.

Since these kits are simple to use, readily available, and small enough to pack in bag, they come out as the ideal solution to falling victim to STDs. This is quite important especially for younger people, say, people between 18 and 30 years of age. That youthful period is perhaps the most adventurous time of most people’s lives, the time they want to travel and explore, to freely discover their sexuality, and live life on the fast lane.

Having a STD test kit on the road while exploring, while hiking in the remote Himalayas, or following adventurers’ trails deep in the Inca ravines of the Andes Mountains would go a long way to help stop STDs spreading. This way, young people can enjoy life to the fullest, knowing full well that there is a surefire way of detecting STD at its very early stage.

But that is just one part, the other part of the story applies to folks who do not travel to distant lands – they too are not entirely free. Folks who keep multiple intimate relationships, or have partners known to have been diagnosed with or treated with STD medications are especially required to have regular checks at home with these easy-to-use STD test kits. Governments can only do so much; health advocacy groups can only do as much as the finances and staff at their disposal can carry them; in effect, the bulk of the work to keep safe from STDs lie on each individual, and this explains why these kits are compact, simple to use, and extremely reliable.

So, it does not matter whether you have an MBA and work in in the pent house of a skyscraper; it doesn’t matter whether you are a backpack hiking junkie besting one adventure after the other; so far you are exposed to unprotected sex with other humans, you need to keep tabs with your personal health and take responsibility using STD test kits.

Better safe than sorry!