Several millions of people have fallen victims to various kinds of STDs through the years. Many of them are not even aware that they have acquired the STD until visible and noticeable symptoms manifest. For this reason, so many STD cases have been left undiagnosed and untreated.

Knowing What STDs Are

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. It is a term used to call certain medical conditions that are primarily transmitted by means of sexual activities. It can be caused either by a virus or bacteria.

There is a long list of STDs prevalent on our planet today. Most of them are highly contagious, so this means that they can easily be passed on from one person to another. Because of that, the number of people being infected with STDs continues to increase every year.

Common STDs

Like what I said earlier, there are numerous STDs that afflict people of different ages, nationalities, and gender in the world today. Some of the most common of them are as follows:

  • HIV
  • AIDS
  • Chlamydia
  • Hepatitis C
  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Herpes

To learn more about STDs, use the internet to look for articles or journals regarding this matter. Alternatively, you can always go see a doctor and find out all you want to know about STDs. 

Symptoms of STDs

Various STDs manifest differing signs or symptoms. However, there are certain indicators that may be common to many of them. For instance, nausea is a common STD symptom. It can be experienced by someone who either has HIV or Chlamydia. Furthermore, other common STD signs or symptoms include vomiting, rashes, fever, inflammation of the testicles (in men), abdominal pains, and headaches.

Testing For STDs

The crucial part about having an STD is undergoing an STD test. One should keep in mind the importance of getting an STD test. Someone who fails to go through STD testing is at risk of suffering from more harmful symptoms and severe complications, so it is of utmost significance to take an STD test as soon as you believe that you have been afflicted.

STD home test kits are a common method of STD testing. These products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration to carry out an STD testing that is reliable and can be trusted. They can be purchased from online retailers or over the counter and are available for everybody, especially those that need privacy and confidentiality on their STD testing.