STDs are quite prevalent nowadays. They can easily be spread through careless and unprotected sexual contact, whether anal, vaginal, or oral. They can infect you, your partner, or anyone around you, regardless of age or gender.

There are many types of sexually-transmitted diseases that are widespread today. They are caused by different organisms, usually by viruses and bacteria. They can trigger a variety of signs and symptoms and lead to serious complications if not diagnosed and treated right away.

High-risk Groups

Certain groups of people are at greater risks of contracting STDs. They are:

- Those that have sex with someone who has an STD

- Those that work in the medical field and are often exposed to bloodwork

- Medical workers who fail to wear the proper gear to handle syringes and needles and might accidentally prick themselves

- Babies born to mothers who have STDs

- People who have multiple sex partners

- Those that do not use condoms when having sex

- Drug addicts who share used syringes and needles to inject drugs

- People who are already infected with STDs are more likely to contract other STDs

So, it is important to always be careful when having sex. Use protection and be smarter when making decisions that involve sex.

Get tested for STDs so that the disease can be treated immediately.