The increasing rates of infection

It is not really surprising anymore that there are more and more people that contract different sexually-transmitted diseases for the past several years. STDs are quite easy to pass on from one person to another, so unless there are preventative measures being strictly observed and implemented, expect the number of STD patients to rise as time goes on.

In North Dakota, it has recently been reported that there has been an increase in STD cases in the state. According to the State Health Department, a total of 471 cases of gonorrhea and 24 cases of syphilis have been documented.

Protection from STDs

Thus, the authorities are keen on reminding people to observe the right precautions to protect themselves.

A health professional from the state said the best and 100% most effective way to prevent STDs is to abstain. Abstinence can surely keep anyone safe from getting infected with any kind of STD, so she recommends this method to those that want a surefire way to not get afflicted.

Also, she urges everyone to practice safe sex all the time. Use condoms when having sex. Get tested if you are having sex with multiple partners. Convince your sex partners to get tested with you so that they can also be aware of what their sexual health statuses are.

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