STD refers to sexually transmitted disease.  Those people who are infected with STD feel embarrassed and be likely to retiring away from the community come upon. Their point of view is that all people around them know that they are infected with STD. As a result of this, they look at them with bad eyes and consider them as they are low class and cheap, since if they are a hooker. Now STDs are known by all communal and financial classes. The person who is infected with STDs feels embarrassment and shies away from the societal meet, as a result, they can turn into a depressed person. The cycle keeps going, now the disgrace of an STD is coupled with the embarrassment of a mental illness and depression.

Stigma of STDs

How can the Stigma of STDs be changed?

If you wanted to modify the communal stigma of STDs then you have educated the general public.  The First and foremost step we should take is that we ought to aware the general public about STDs, that it generally has no symptoms.  It is a very hazardous disease that causes many health problems. There is no way which can be helpful in knowing that if a person is infected with STD or not. The one and the only way is through testing and that is why STDs can be spread so easily.  This can also be the reason that it is spreading so rapidly.

Changes That Have Made Over the Years

 It is about 100 years ago; there is almost no one who knows about STDs. The person who caught by STDs is mostly called betrayer. At that time it is very rare case that the marriage ended in divorce.  The women’s of that time were virgins when they get married, except that the case of raping or incest was concerned. 

But nowadays the world has totally changed. Nowadays there are very few women’s who are virgin. There are large numbers of marriages that ended in divorce. Now a person doesn’t feel a shame of having more than one partner all through their life.  It is not expected from the women that they can make homes and be wives only. There are numerous people who are putting their marriage off until their mid-twenties or even early thirties. 

Now the medications for this type of diseases can easily be accessible. The treatment has become more consistent and more voluntarily obtainable as compared to 100 years ago. The testing that was conducted to analyze the person is infected or not become more consistent.  Now the STDs can easily be cured which was not be possible 100 years ago. 

Beginning of Education At Home

As we come to know that our children are becoming sexually active at a very earlier stage. So we have to educate our children regarding STDs and this education has to be started from home because children can easily understand what their parents guide them. The best way is to talk to them frankly don’t hesitate or feel shame in telling them the harmful aspects of STDs. You should guide them how they can get STDs and what it can do to their lives. In this way, we can prepare them to handle the shame and may yet remove the disgrace that is associated with STDs.