The different things that are happening all around us at a fast pace are nothing compared to what will transpire in the future without all the things that are indeed not of our own making or without our consent. Yes while it may be a very scary thought it is not what you think but about when you are in the moment and about to have a sexual encounter. The reality is to make sure you do not do the bad things that will get you into a position of contracting an STD and without using proper protection and planning.

Helping other people fight STD

STD will always be a great threat to all of us and if we make sure we do our part to remove it for good then we would have given ourselves a great thing of which we can be proud of on all the things that we can make ourselves to be because the society we live in is a community and if we treat the community as a place that we all should care about, then help others fight STD's is as important as fighting it ourselves.

Why people don't realize the true threat that is an STD

People don't seem to realize just how dangerous an STD can be. Sure there are other diseases out there so just what makes STDs so special because of the fact that they can be scanned and transmitted through the use of a sexual intercourse? Yes, it is not as bad as you may think but it is very bad, very bad indeed. Just make sure you don't find yourself in the long list of people who are getting infected by this terrible disease and you might just make a career of speaking in public as the main way of helping others understand the seriousness of the STD's and how to avoid them.

Using our own social needs for better uses

STD can easily spread if people are not aware of the things they need to know about the particular STD that they have. So they must know in the form of a social media outburst on how they can control it. If you use of your social media skills and things you could easily spread the word and do your part for the whole community instead of just needlessly using it for things that no one really cares about like your last meal or your next destination. Face it, no one really cares about any of that dumb stuff and if you want to make a difference, spread awareness instead of ignorance.