Everyone can get infected with STDs and STIs but there are certain groups of people that are more likely to contract these diseases than the rest of the population. Here are the STD and STI high-risk groups:

1. Sexually-active males and females

Obviously, if you have an active sex life, there is a higher chance that you will contract an STD in comparison to those that do not have one. Whether you are a male, female, teenager, or adult, engaging in sexual activities (anal, oral, or vaginal) without using protection puts you are a greater risk of getting infected.

2. People who have HIV

Since HIV is an STD that attacks and weakens the immune system, anyone who has it becomes more in danger of contracting other diseases, including STDs and STIs. So, HIV patients are urged to undergo STD testing to detect infections such as Chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

3. Homosexual men

Men who have sex with other men are more likely to get infected and spread STDs, most especially if they do not use protection. So, they are encouraged to go get tested for STDs annually or routinely.

So, if you fall under any of these groups, you have to realize that you need to get STD tested.