The Human Immunodeficiency Virus is one of the most widespread diseases today. It is more commonly known as HIV, and it can strike men, women, kids, and adults.

Today, there are millions of people that are infected with HIV. Many of them are located in the poorer countries of the world. Because they have very limited knowledge of HIV, STDs, and other health issues, the problems of HIV and other diseases have become very rampant.

How HIV is passed from one person to the next

HIV is frequently passed on from one person to another through intimate sexual contact. So, anyone who engages in anal, oral, or vaginal sex without using condoms with another person who is positive with HIV is in danger of contracting the infection. Therefore, proper precaution must be observed by using condoms when having sex every single time.

HIV can also be passed on via blood. Avoid sharing used needles with other people. Be careful when handling bloodwork if you are a medical worker. Always use the appropriate gear while at work so as to protect yourself.

Routine testing

Routine HIV testing is also encouraged, most especially to people who are sexually active. Get tested every time you enter a new sexual relationship. Convince your partner to also do the same. Doing this will protect the both of you and keep you free of HIV and other STDs.

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