More than 10 years ago, a soy sauce manufacturer from Japan claimed that he had found a molecule present in his soy sauce that could potentially help cure HIV. Today, university researchers and scientists from University of Missouri just confirmed that.

soysauceThe molecule in question is present in the soy sauce as a flavor enhancer. According to the team of virologists, it is about seventy times more potent and effective compared to drug medications such as Tenofovir, which is frequently used as the first line of defense against HIV.

After the discovery of this particular molecule in 1998, the Japanese soy sauce manufacturer created a department made up of food scientists to study more closely how the human's immune system will react to the molecule if used in food. And now, more than a decade later, those findings have been confirmed and verified.

It is important to find an effective treatment for HIV since the virus is very easily transmittable, most frequently through sexual contact. So, people are advised to get tested for HIV at the earliest opportunity.

Researchers are hoping to understand and learn more about this molecule and find ways to use it in various applications regarding HIV treatment in the most efficient manner.

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