How is Hepatitis transmitted?

Hepatitis C is a disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus that attacks the liver. It is important to know how it is usually transmitted, so we compiled the 6 most common transmission methods. Here they are:

1. Intravenous drug use. Sharing used needles and syringes to inject drugs into the system is very risky since Hepatitis C and other diseases can be transmitted via this method.

2. Sexual intercourse. While not a lot of Hepatitis C cases are contracted through sex, it is still very dangerous to engage in any kind of sexual contact with someone who has Hepatitis C.

3. Medical work. People who work in the medical field are more likely to contract Hepatitis if they fail to wear the proper gear when handling blood work and other medical instruments.

4. Tattoos. If the equipment used is not properly sterilized or contaminated, you could contract Hepatitis C and other diseases.

5. Vertical transmission. A pregnant woman who has Hepatitis C may pass the disease on to her baby. So, she is advised to get tested and treated right away.

6. Sharing personal items. Toothbrushes, razors, and other personal items can be contaminated with Hepatitis C-positive blood, so sharing them with other people may also expose you to the virus.

Early Hepatitis C testing is important so as to detect the virus before it does a lot of harm and damage and receive treatment for it.