Signs of HIV/AIDS InfectionWhen somebody gets infected with HIV, it takes more than 4 and less than eight weeks to feel the symptoms of the infection. In most of the cases, the first symptom is that you have flu nearly every day. Now today we will take a look at those signs and symptoms which tell us that a person is suffering from HIV.

Having Fever

The most popular form of symptoms is flu and fever, which you feel after 4 to 8 weeks of the infection. Along with both of these, a person might feel fatigue and have a sore throat for apparently no reasons at all.

Feeling Fatigue

A person will feel tired 24/7 if he is tested positive for HIV. You would not be able to run or even walk more; your stamina will for sure decrease

Having muscle and joint pains

 Flu is a symptom that is of many other major diseases as well like herpes and syphilis. This is an important sign because the lymph node is attacked first by any virus no matter what so having the flu is the most common of all of the reasons.

 A severe headache and sudden sore throat

Most of the times when somebody gets a headache they usually ignore it because it is something common but if you have a headache along with a sore throat plus you can feel the symptoms of flu you must get yourself checked at the moment


Most of the times rashes occur on people's body when they are sitting in a bit way too hot or cold rooms or when they eat something not suitable for their body type but in the case of an HIV patient. You might get rashes in your armpits and arms, and it may even itch a lot without even anything that causes rashes, that are just some side effects of HIV. It is also said that if somebody suffers from sudden and unexplained rashes, he must seek a doctor as soon as possible.

Night Sweats

It is stated after research that 50% of the HIV patients go through terrible sweating in a night in just the beginning of the infection.  But if your body sweats even if you are in an air-conditioned room then you must consult your doctor.

Dying nails, clubbing or thickening

You may go to the doctor or buy a home testing kit for AIDS if your nails are dying or splitting even though you have never had a fungal infection before. The only reason why fungal infections occur is when your immune system gets weak as it got infected by HIV.


Other than the symptoms listed above there are many other symptoms of HIV. So To be on the safe side, you must have a testing kit for HIV in your house so that if you feel like there is something wrong, you could just check it out and if something seems abnormal, you may go to the doctor immediately. The only thing that you required to remember is that yes, it can’t be cured but it for sure can be controlled easily at an early stage.