Last year, news came out that several cases of gonorrhea that were resistant to oral antibiotics were documented in North America. This caused some stir among the major health groups and organizations. Is this event something to be afraid of?

Drug-resistant Gonorrhea?

The World Health Organization and US Centers for Disease Control have announced some time ago that there really are certain cases of untreatable gonorrhea. This happens when the bacteria develop resistance to prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection. They said they have anticipated this scenario, and they would continue to find solutions to fix these problems.

How does this affect us? Well, gonorrhea is the second most widely prevalent sexually-transmitted disease today, and transmitting it from one person to another is very easy. By just having sexual intercourse with someone who carries the infection, you can contract the disease and suffer from its symptoms and complications.

What if you get infected with Gonorrhea?

If you happen to get infected with gonorrhea, and it is one of those untreatable ones, you will suffer longer and get more discomforts and pains. Doctors could administer various antibiotics, but the results will not change. Therefore, finding the right treatment solution for you and the other patients will take more time.

Thus, it is important to always use protection when having sex. Do not put yourself in danger of these STDs as you can end up having all these harmful effects and problems that can cost you a lot of time, money, and even your life.

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