Sexually Transmitted Disease is a Barrier Breakage for Many PeopleMany STDs are caused by the penis condom barrier or film breaks on the genitals of women. Also, there are other things to consider, such as comfort, transmission of sensations, and the possibility of allergic reactions. There are some simple things you can do you and your partner sometimes to minimize these problems and maybe laugh a little bit on some of them.

What makes a real barrier?

An excellent barrier covers the area, via a sliding edge. Therefore condoms cover the whole penis, not only to the point: it would be hard to keep! The best barrier - apart from sex is not at all with - will prevent the skin of your partner contact bacteria, microbes, viruses, and mites. Each opening, including contingencies, opens up the possibility of infection. Sometimes there are some prostate disorders of this infection.

You must practice the use of barriers before sex. It is cheap and available now in both male and female models; condoms are a great place to start. By marking carefully, a lubricant can be used; the condoms will not damage. When used on the skin, before the use of condoms, this will help you, the penis to transmit sensations. The suggestion is practicing, apply a condom to a slippery penis is not something that can be easily done if you are almost ready to have sex. Meanwhile, some people experience a second crop of injuries and some experience flu-like symptoms such as fever and swollen glands, especially in the lymph nodes near the groin. A headache and painful urination also sometimes accompanied ultimately symptoms of first episodes.

Pay attention to the condom- Mostly showering is taking place right before sex, one of the steps is omitted. The condom should be completely unrolled before; it can be done well before any genital contact occurs. Use of a lubricant and unroll the condom in the event at the beginning are introduced, perhaps used as a part of foreplay.

Pregnancy and protection against sexually transmitted diseases

There is no way; a barrier that prevents STDs can help you get pregnant. This is a consideration for some women. Those who are in abusive relationships, their partners may refuse to use condoms, or (as an IUD) to obtain to prevent pregnancy, but still allow the STD infection, a non-barrier contraceptive.

The problem with the female condom at present is twofold: to replace the cost and necessity, after each sex act (like a condom). Some women have problems when they are on set, or considers that a spermicidal STDs to prevent. These are dangerous problems. A condom that slips from the unprotected, and there is no evidence that spermicide to stop all STDs.

Latex Alternatives

Latex condoms are effective. But this is something that people may be a bit premature to death allergic. New technologies have alternatives available, of which latex of polyisoprene is very similar, but with the isolated protein causes an allergic reaction is. These new products have some disadvantages and should be tested before use.