Health officials in King County have sought for the court's support to try to stop a certain man who is infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus from spreading the viral infection. According to reports, the man has transmitted the STD to his eight partners in a span of four years.

Protecting the public

The Department of Public Health of Seattle and King Counties are focused on protecting the citizens against diseases, such as HIV, so they are going to do their best to stop this one person from spreading this dangerous infection.

On September 4, the King County Superior Court issued an order the requires the HIV-infected man to obey a previous court order he received that states he should attend counseling sessions and be present in all his treatment appointments scheduled by the public health officials.

The man was diagnosed with HIV back in June 2008 at the Public Health STD Clinic at the Harborview Medical Center. He was told to disclose his HIV status to any new sex partner and to always practice safe sex. However, he disobeyed the first order and has since infected eight sex partners, after having unprotected sex with them.

Today, people with HIV are given antiretroviral treatment therapy to control the spread of the virus inside the body.