HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is a dangerous disease that impairs a person’s immune system. It can bring about various complications that prevent a person from functioning right. It can strike many internal organs and cause so much injury and harm.

How to get infected with HIV

There are several ways to get infected with HIV. Having sex with an HIV patient is one way to acquire the virus. Receiving blood from an HIV-infected individual is also a sure way of getting HIV. An HIV-positive woman who is pregnant can pass the virus on to her child.

If HIV is neglected for a long time, it may progress into AIDS. AIDS, which stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is actually the final stage of HIV. It involves numerous complications that can eventually lead to death.

Why you should test for HIV early

Someone who may have been infected with HIV has to undergo HIV screening right away. By doing so, he or she can receive medication and treatment early on before the virus attacks more parts of the body.

Watch out for common HIV symptoms such as flu. A lot of people may not think that having flu is a symptom of HIV, and they tend to disregard it, thinking that it is nothing serious or severe. With this kind of mentality, they are putting themselves in danger and at great risk.

HIV testing and screening

HIV testing and screening is available in hospitals and STD centers. You can go to any of these facilities and inquire about how you can get yourself HIV tested. You can also go online and look up online HIV testing. Another means of testing for HIV is by purchasing home HIV test kits and doing the test by yourself. This last option actually gives you the privacy that you need in this time of trouble.

Early detection of HIV protects you from drastic changes and damages that HIV can do. Therefore, you have to be aware of how HIV is acquired so that you can protect yourself and know if you are at very high risk of being afflicted with it. People who work in the medical industry and are exposed to HIV patients and other diseases are advised to be careful when handling blood samples and other specimens taken from the patients. They must wear the right kind of gear every time they have to be around those. HIV is a terrifying disease that can be avoided if you are well-informed and aware.