Men and women carry diverse sets of warning signals from Chlamydia.

What are the common Chlamydia signs in girls? 
In girls/women, Chlamydia takes between one and three weeks to incubate, meaning that the first warning signs will only show after this time interval elapses.

  • A female Chlamydia patient may have nausea, combined with pains in the lower abdomen. The vagina starts to smell horrible, and unusual, milky vaginal discharge that has a resemblance to mucus will also come out.
  • People who had oral sex with another affected person will have a sore throat or some other kind of throat ailment.
  • Pain when urinating and intercourse will also happen. She will have erratic menstrual periods.
  • If not taken care of immediately, the symptoms will turn into vital complications such as ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease or PID, cervicitis, infertility, miscarriage, and salpingitis.

What are the common Chlamydia signs in guys? 

Facts and figures depict over forty million guys worldwide are affected by Chlamydia. Let me share the signs and symptoms that they have to watch out for:

  • A male patient could experience a burning ache during urination. He may have peculiar discharges emerging from his penis. Be suspicious of stains in the underwear for this.
  • People who did oral sex could get a sore throat.
  • Additionally, swelling of the testicles is an indication of Chlamydia in its very first stage.
  • Those people that had anal sex with another contaminated man or woman may experience swelling in the rectal zone. The patient can experience pain and some burning sensation and will have bleeding and discharge.

How do we detect Chlamydia? 

The second you notice any of the signs and symptoms materializing to you, it is advised that you see a medical expert.

In the early stages, these health experts will prescribe you with antibiotics you should take for a time period. You may be advised to abstain in order to not distribute the ailment around. Get your sexual buddy tested too so that he or she can also get treatment while the infection is still not that severe.

The utilization of protection during the course of sex carries out a crucial role in the spread of STDs. We need to be familiar with that and educate ourselves so as not to put in jeopardy our and other people’s overall wellness.